How to add a party?

Please send me an email at Use the following template:

title: Bürklizouk
location: Bürkliplatz
date: 2022-09-23
time: 18:00
price: 0
city: zrh

If you're hosting some workshops or other activities please still use the start time of the party itself. Interested people can always click through to your event page to learn more.

Attach a square logo of your event (just the logo, not a poster).

I check that email and update the website once per week.

In your own event page or announcement, please link back to the calendar, like so:

Other events:

Found an error in the page?

Please let me know at, and I'll fix it.

Other cities?

For now it works for Zürich, Basel, Bern and Geneve.

If you're interested in adding other cities, please reach out to me and we can discuss. It would be nice if the newly added city had at least 3-5 events per month, otherwise having a calendar doesn't make much sense.

About the authors

The events are organized by multiple independent event organizers and dance schools.

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We list Zouk events in Switzerland. This is a calendar of zouk dancing socials in Zürich, Basel, Bern and Genève. All your zouk events listed in a single place.

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